The Winchester Deserves Better campaign was begun in June 2014 to stop the Henderson proposals for Silver Hill.  However, it also wanted to ensure that the eventual development of the site was of kind that enhanced the historic character, culture and reputation of the city.

The City Council and their consultants, JTP, have made a good job of getting the project back on track.  This is to be greatly welcomed, given that even after the 2014 version of the Henderson scheme was derailed by the Judicial Review in January 2015, the Council and Henderson reverted to the 2009 version which both had previously claimed was unviable.  Fortunately, that effort came to an end in February 2016.

Everything now depends upon what happens next, and how JTP’s embryonic proposals are fleshed out and delivered.  If put in the wrong hands and the wrong development philosophy applied, we could quite easily see a series of proposals which, cumulatively, could resemble the original Henderson proposal.

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