Amended draft SPD (supplementary planning document) for Silver Hill

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Amended draft SPD (supplementary planning document) for Silver Hill: SPD – track-changes The Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Schedule of the Council’s responses to individual comments made during the consultation: SPD – CWR Summary of Comments Responses and Actions

These documents were not easy to find nor were they particularly well-advertised.

We believe that an apology of sorts is owed by the Council to all of you.  Firstly because of the way in which the SPD seems to have been compromised as a result of the Council’s response to legal action initiated by THRE (‘Henderson’), and secondly because of the speed at which the revised SPD is being processed through the sausage machine of Council committees, with very little time or opportunity allowed for further public scrutiny.

If we knew the details of the legal action we would tell you, but we don’t.  Nor have they been disclosed to anyone but a few councillors.  The impact however seems to be that in many instances the word “should” has been turned into the word “could”, so that the effect of the document has been considerably diluted.  The longer terms effects are difficult to establish because there is so little time in which to consider the SPD, and we are unaware of the Council taking expert legal advice.

You will appreciate that our major concern is that the document is now so undermined we could end up with something very similar to the original Henderson scheme.  This would be unacceptable to say the least.

Best wishes.

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